With her expertise of jewellery, and being a fellow of the Gemmological Association, Simone van Keulen worked at Sotheby's jewellery department in Amsterdam for several years. Always searching for the perfect ring herself, she thought it would be interesting to create her own jewellery. She started to design significant jewellery and this in time, led to commissions by an increasing clientele.
Simone exhibits her jewellery at Art Fairs and special events, as well as designing for and selling special custom made jewellery to private clients.

Her strong belief in individuality is reflected in her jewellery.
Important in her philosophy is that every piece of jewellery has to be as unique and special as the person who wears it. It can be modest as well as powerful or bold, sober as well as extremely colourful; but always elegant and wearable.

The combination of opposites in her designs is the challenge she creates from. Harmony between the texture of the materials used in combination with the colour, shape and character of the gemstones defines her work.